Happy Birthday, Princess!


Happy Birthday, Princess! You are one. Congrats! Making it this far alive with your Mom and me is no small feat. Your Mom only dropped you off the bed 2 times in the first year. She almost didn’t make it through the first year alive. It’s a good thing I love her.

I an’t begin to tell you the joy you have brought to my life. You gotta understand that I thought I had life put together. I was a good teacher. I was a good baseball coach. We won a lot of games. I became a high school principal at the age of 32. THIRTY TWO!!!!!!! I was on it. I was pretty successful and thought I had this “life” thing figured out. Then I had you…

I didn’t realize how insignificant my life was until you came along. You have only been here one year and you are my greatest accomplishment. Although you poop your pants and you said “Momma” first, I’m still so proud to be your Dad. I don’t know how I will do for the next 18 years, but I promise you I will try to make you as proud as you have made me.

Your Mom has planned a HUGE birthday party for you. Avaleigh, she’s awesome. She works so hard for you. I’m lucky. My job is to watch you and take care of you when we get home from work. She is doing all the little things that make sure you can stay alive the next day. She sacrifices some of that time to ensure that you will be ok. I hope you grow up to be like her.

There is a Bible verse that I want to share with you that describes my thoughts for today….

1 Samuel 1:27- “For this child I prayed and the Lord answered my prayer.”

One last thing….Elmo was your Mom’s idea. I wanted to get you a little motorized 4 wheeler. She shot that down.

Happy Birthday, Princess.DSC01507

I love you today, tomorrow, and forever,